Water billing for Landlords made easy...

Welcome to the Scottish Landlord Portal, the official website to help commercial Landlords manage the tenancy and occupancy details of their properties. (Landlords of domestic properties are not required to disclose details here).

If you are a property owner of a commercial property, the law now requires you to keep your water supplier informed of the occupancy status of those properties. If you don’t, you become jointly and severally liable for water and sewerage charges that may fall due.

The Scottish Landlord Portal will allow property owners, property associations, managers, landlords, managing agents, or councils (i.e. owners, or anyone acting on their behalf) to record all the properties they manage in one place and update details about each property when things change. This information will automatically be made available to the relevant supplier, saving you the hassle of having to contact them every time something changes.

To get started, simply register by clicking on the button on the right. You will then be able to use the portal to provide the required details. If you have already registered, please log in to access your portfolio.

You can use this Portal to:

  • Add new properties to your portfolio;
  • Tell us about changes to tenant details, including changes of tenancy;
  • Let us know when a property becomes empty; and
  • Inform us if you sell or stop managing the property

New Users

If someone from your organisation has already registered, ask them to establish you as a new user for their company. They can do this when they log in. If you are the first user for your company or a sole trader, please register here.

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